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Florida Traffic Crashes: Call An Attorney If You Become a Statistic

  You drive safely and defensively, so you can get to your home and work without any problems. Despite this, you may still get into a traffic accident through no fault of your own. Just check out these statistics compiled by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle. They are for 2011, which is […]

Is it legal for the police to search your cell phone?

  Imagine that you have been arrested and the police search the contents of your cell phone, and find incriminating photographs linking you to the crime. Does law enforcement have the legal right to view and seize data from your cell phone, such as text messages, email or photographs, simply because you have been arrested? Examining the […]

Five Reasons to Choose Tampa for your Divorce

  Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” because of its great weather, breezy palms and white beaches. The state is also home to a variety of great towns and cities that allow people in all stages of life to thrive and find happiness. Tampa is known as one of the best cities to get […]

Drunk Driving Penalties are Stiffer in Florida

  In Florida, as in many states, you’re considered legally drunk if your blood alcohol level (BAC) is 0.08 or above. That means that 0.08 percent of your blood, typically by volume, consists of alcohol. Penalties for driving while under the influence, or DUI, depend on the number of convictions and remain the