Florida Traffic Crashes: Call An Attorney If You Become a Statistic


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You drive safely and defensively, so you can get to your home and work without any problems. Despite this, you may still get into a traffic accident through no fault of your own. Just check out these statistics compiled by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle. They are for 2011, which is the most current year available.

About 227,998 crashes happened within Florida, which averaged 625 crashes per day.

  • As high as these numbers seem, they represented a 3 percent decline from the crashes of the previous year.
  • Of these crashes, 2,214 were fatal, resulting in 2,400 deaths. About 124,847 involved injuries, resulting in 195,104 injured victims.
  • Alcohol was involved in 17,748 crashes and 794 fatalities.
  • Drug-related crashes numbered 1,236, resulting in 106 deaths.
  • About 7,894 crashes affected pedestrians, killing 499.
  • Bicycle crashes numbered 4,925, with 76 cyclists killed.

Crash statistics also varied by age.

  • Licensed drivers aged 25 to 29 suffered the most number of crashes at 1,317,078.
  • However, the 20- 24-year-old group had the highest rate of crashes at 381.40 per 10,000 licensed drivers.
  • The age group with the most number of drivers involved in fatal crashes belonged to the 20-24-year-old group, which amounted to 360. They also had the highest fatal crash rate at 2.9 per 10,000.
  • The lowest crash rate of 1.01 per 10,000 belonged to drivers aged 65 to 69.
  • The lowest number of crashes belong to those aged 90 and over at 99,224.

If you or someone you love become involved in one of these statistics as a driver, passenger, or bystander, contact us. As your attorney, we’ll take care of you, defend your rights in court, and make sure that you receive just compensation.

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